What do Coronavirus and NFM have in common?

Amongst the COVID-19 chaos, is a glimmer of hope. We, as a society, at all scales, are realising that individual actions really do matter. 

Every time I see this ‘delaying the spread of Coronavirus’ graph on the news, I think of Slow The Flow. Spot the difference… 

Delaying the spread of COVID-19
Delaying the peak of flood water

Combating the virus is, quite rightly, our collective number one priority at the moment. Once it is beaten, issues such as climate change and the resultant flooding will remain. If we can learn from this experience and tackle them in a similar way, we are in with a chance of triumphing over our long term threats.

So – perhaps isolation, or whilst you have a spare time surplus due to social distancing, is the perfect time to browse our website, and think about how You Can Slow The Flow

Maybe you can present some ideas at school, or work, once you’re back in the office? 

See http://slowtheflow.net/urban-suds-case-study-scout-road-academy-mytholmroyd/ – a local school that has incorporated sustainable drainage systems into their grounds.

Perhaps, having got to know your neighbours better lately, they’d like to join you in a street-wide intervention? 

See http://slowtheflow.net/flood-prevention-at-oldroyd/ for how a terrace got together to save their properties.

Or maybe, you just want to get some fresh air, and potter in your own garden – please have a think about how work you might be doing anyway can be made to slow the flow of rainwater to our rivers and sewers. 

See http://slowtheflow.net/back-garden-redesign-water/ for a simple garden intervention.

Small interventions add up. If we all play our part, we can be a part of changing our locality, our region, our world, for the better.