About Us

Slow The Flow is a charity working to advance the education of the public in Natural Flood Management, Sustainable Drainage Systems and other renewable methods of managing the environment, including the exploration of alternative practices which safeguard the natural environment and its resources in a manner which best fits the specifics of a local geography.

Over Christmas and Boxing Day 2015, Pennine areas in the North of England had over 60mm of rain fall in 24 hours and some locations had over 100 mm. During this time, the Calder Valley suffered the most significant flooding event in recent times. 2,781 homes and 4,416 businesses were flooded all along the Calder Valley causing unparalleled and significant damage.

Recorded flooding events in the Calder Valley go back as far as 1615 so it is evident that some action needs to be taken to look at why this is happening.

Slow The Flow was set up to look at the issue of why and how the Calder Valley floods and to look at natural flood prevention measures and solutions to slow the volume of water which comes down the hillsides into the River Calder.  

Slow The Flow members are mostly local and are all volunteers giving up their time to secure a future for the Calder Valley and all who live, work and visit here. We will not stop flooding events, but if we work collaboratively we can reduce the risk of serious flooding. Building walls are not the only solution.