NFM Resources

Below you can find a list of handy NFM resources.

National Flood Forum

A charity to help, support and represent people at risk of flooding. Also, a great source of information and advice.

Slowing the Flow at Pickering

A summary of pioneering work upstream of Pickering, on the edge of the North York Moors

Calderdale: Natural Flood Management – What consents and approvals do I need?

A useful reminder that it is not as simple as just getting stuck in – consents or approvals may be required. For example: planning, ordinary watercourse, environmental permit, felling licence.

CIRIA NFM Manual: comprehensive NFM guidance, free download:

NFM Manual Free Download

Webinar: The natural flood management manual launch

Forestry Commission nationally available grant funding for NFM (up to £2500 per hectare) :

Making space for nature – to benefit water

Lowland Natural Flood Management Measures – a practical guide for farmers A detailed guide to different levels of NFM interventions, their costs and benefits.

Yorkshire Dales: Natural Flood Management Measures – a practical guide for farmers Similar to the above but with examples of Upland NFM

Working with Natural Processes (WWNP) – Evidence Base An Evidence Directory which summarises the effectiveness of WWNP measures from a Flood and Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) perspective as well as their wider ecosystem service benefits.

Natural Flood Management Toolbox: a 7 step guide to developing NFM schemes A detailed guide to implementing NFM by the Environment Agency

West and North Northamptonshire Councils: Flood Toolkit

An impressive resource of information by a pioneering Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), including the ‘Flood Library’ of guidance documents.

UK Government: River maintenance, flooding and coastal erosion Landing page for UK Government Information on Flooding

The Environmental Land Management scheme: an overview Explains what the Sustainable Farming Incentive, Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery schemes are, and how you can get involved.

UK Flood Map

Why does ‘Slowing the Flow’ work?

Summaries and graphic representations of Natural Flood Management (NFM) measures

To explore more information on Natural Flood Management measures from Natural Flood Management Research Programme CLICK HERE

Other Natural Flood Management Schemes and How They Work

The winter of 2015-2016 was the wettest in recorded Irish history. Vast areas of the country were underwater, in some cases for months.  This episode of Eco Eye looks at the increasing threat from flooding to homes and livelihoods and investigates the various solutions available. The video also shows the scheme in Pickering where they used innovative soft engineering solutions to their flooding problem and asks whether that could provide the answer for other areas of the UK.

St. Helens, Liverpool NFM Programme 

Other examples of NFM are illustrated here on this video about a programme similar to ours in Liverpool. 

Thaxted, Essex NFM Programme 

How they used leaky dams to Slow The Flow

A similar scheme at Belford in Northumberland is also in full swing. 

See their website HERE

A recently published book about NFM in the Czech Republic by Michal Kravcik called After Us, the desert and the deluge.  

There are some great photos off NFM structures. The book has an english translation running alongside the Czech. You can view it HERE

Our colleagues at JBA Consulting have been working with Lancaster University and United Utilities

To investigate how extensive NFM in large recently flooded catchments could have reduced flood flows in extreme storms, such as Storm Desmond in December 2015.

Read the full story below:

Or read the full techincal report on the Natural Course website:

Over the past 5 years JBA have built up a range of online learning resources about river and coastal management as part of their charitable work. These are (and have always been) free for anyone to use.

These resources could be particularly helpful in the current situation to support home learning, providing an exciting and innovative way of learning about rivers and coasts. Some students will be studying these topics as part of their curriculum, while parents may be looking for something different and unique to help inspire and educate their children.

Resources include YouTube videos and activities that have been developed with teachers, and tested in classrooms, covering Key Stages 2 to 4 of the National Curriculum (age range 7 to 16).

Some of the videos also include more advanced topics that may be relevant for students in FE/HE, and to support continuing professional development. They may also be of interest to community groups and volunteers.

JBA will be releasing a series of Twitter posts via @JBATrust each linking one of their worksheets with a relevant video, follow JBA on Twitter.

Other useful Natural Flood Management / Calderdale Links

Slow The Flow Position Statements

The Environment Agency

Calderdale Council

Eye On Calderdale

The National Trust

Natural England

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Upland Restoration

National Flood Forum

Our friends at the JBA Trust supporting the hydrology research

Here is a link to a PDF which contains some interesting reads on catchment management