Hardcastle Crags SuDS car park

Hardcastle Crags SuDS Car Park

Upgrade of existing car park to incorporate Sustainable Drainage principle at National Trust site, Hebden Bridge. Works completed Spring 2020 … Read more

Shoebroad Dam_before

Shoebroad Dam Todmorden

The topography and geology of the Calder Valley renders it susceptible to flooding, compacted subsoils overlying impermeable clays soils result in … Read more

Birks Court case study, walsden, todmorden

Birks Court Case Study

What? 6 new bungalows Where? Walsden, Todmorden When Completed March 2019 Design and implementation For the construction of the access … Read more

Urban Pond

We created a wildlife pond in a shady and rocky area of our garden May 2020. We live in a … Read more

Back Garden Redesign

Our back garden in Mytholmroyd has heavy clay soil that was causing standing water after heavy rainfall. To solve this … Read more

Economics of Attenuation Ponds

  The Economics of Upper Catchment Small Scale Attenuation Ponds versus A Capital Intensive Flood Alleviation Scheme Since the Boxing … Read more