NFM and SuDS Opportunity Mapping – now live!!

Our clickable Google Map parcels up the pilot area into manageable chunks – you can zoom in and click on your street / field / place of work etc. Please take a look, and share all the exciting opportunities that our experts have identified in northern Mytholmroyd!

Natural Flood Management and Sustainable Drainage Systems can make a real difference to flood alleviation in the Calder Valley – but only if they are widespread. Slow The Flow, as a small charity run entirely by volunteers, cannot have enough impact on our own.

Please help by implementing these types of interventions wherever you can, and encouraging others to do the same. We hope that we will eventually roll this type of mapping out to a wider area.

We love to hear about what our inventive valley’s inhabitants have been doing to Slow The Flow – please share your schemes with us via our case study library ( and we will use your project as inspiration to others!