Please help us and the environment this Christmas

Instead of sending Christmas Cards this year, please help us by donating the money you would have spent, it will not only help us, it will help the environment.

Slow The Flow is a registered charity working to advance and promote by education and activities the significant benefits of Natural Flood ManagementSustainable Drainage Systems and other renewable methods of managing the environment which can be used to reduce flood risk around the UK.

Our team of very dedicated Trustees are engineers, scientists, landscape experts and communication specialists who work to promote the use of natural processes through physical applications and interventions to demonstrate that these innovative methods can make a contribution to reducing flood risk.

There are many examples of our work on our website for you to see how, by donating or working with us a volunteer, you can make a difference to flood risk here in the UK.

Here are some examples of what your donation could provide:

£10 buys gloves for volunteers to wear when working with woodland materials

£30 pays for saw blades used to cut up naturally occurring forest waste

£100 helps finance purchase and maintenance of water-level-monitoring equipment

Please use our Localgiving page to donate to Slow The Flow by clicking here, you will be redirected to Localgiving.