Land Wanted for Tree Planting

Treesponsibility, is currently seeking new tree-planting sites.The group has planted over a quarter of a million trees since its establishment in 1998, but it now needs more places to plant new woodland between Autumn 2019 and early Spring 2020 and it is inviting landowners to get involved with the project.

Co-ordinator Dongria Khond said:-
“Trees are beneficial in so many ways, drawing down carbon to help slow down climate change and making our valley less vulnerable to flooding –  organic matter from leaf litter improves soil depth and structure whilst living and decaying roots help to minimise surface run-off by creating a network of channels in the soil allowing water to filter down beneath the earth’s surface.  Deep-rooted species such as oak and alder, or hedges planted along contours, can also help to stabilise hillsides and minimise landslips,keeping soil on the hillsides and out of our watercourses.”
“When landowners offer sites, treesponsibility does all the rest – we arrange all the funding (which can sometimes include fencing) and we do all the work with volunteer teams”.
Landowners who are interested can contact the group by ringing 07847 815 926 or by email:-

2 thoughts on “Land Wanted for Tree Planting”

  1. Hi,

    From where I sit in the Luddenden valley I can see many firlds that aren’t grazed or cropped for silage etc. They’re owned I think by the Murgatroyd family – it might be worth getting in touch with them direct as they own a lot of land round here.

    Good luck!

  2. Hello, most ‘farmland’ isn’t in fact farmed at all around the Ryburn Valley. There is so much scope for tree planting and re wilding old unused farmland.

    We have a 1 acre field which is planted up with many trees, if we had more we would do more.

    Thanks, Mr Roberts

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