YGC from Wales came to see our work!

As part of our educational aim and our campaign to promote the adoption of natural flood management across the United Kingdom, on Wednesday 20th March Slow The Flow hosted YGC (Ymgynghoriaeth Gwynedd Consultancy), the largest public sector run consultancy in Wales, to view the work we have carried out at Hardcastle Crags and Broadhead Clough. Ten staff of YGC spent the day with our Chair, Bede Mullen, examining some of the 1000 plus leaky dams we have installed, together with the other natural flood management measures we have undertaken, with an emphasis on monitoring their effectiveness and promoting community engagement.

YGC work with an extensive and varied list of clients, both in the public and private sector. Services provided include cost estimating, procurement, project management and other specialist consultancy services in the areas of transport infrastructure, building design, flood mitigation and environmental work. Currently employing 120 members of staff and with annual turnover of circa £5.5m.

YGC have a dedicated team of engineers to deal with the ever-increasing threat of flooding due to predicted rise in sea levels and rainfall intensity associated with climate change. One of their key responsibilities is to undertake flood risk management, ranging from building flood defences to building resilience through raising public awareness.

Through good public engagement and collaboration with other risk management authorities, YGC aims to manage the risk of flooding in communities across the region. This includes carrying out the role of operating as Lead Local Flood Authority on behalf of Gwynedd & Anglesey Councils.

Elen Williamson from YGC said “it was inspiring to see the enormous amount of work Slow The Flow has carried out since 2016 to protect local communities from the effects of flooding. This community led approach is something to be recommended and adopted elsewhere”.

You can hear what Robin Perkins of YGC had to say in the video below.

We are happy to host visits from public and private sector organisations and community groups to view the natural flood management work we have carried. Contact secretary@slowtheflow.net to arrange a visit.