Green Roof in the Front Yard

This case study highlights how you can take down and old out house and replace it with a wooden Shelter with a living roof. This roof is in Riddlesden, Keighley and was created in June 2019

Marine ply wood was used for the base and sides with a layer of fleece and plastic honeycomb squares  for the base. The Plastic honeycomb squares are those that are used for the base of a shed

Add gravel around the edges. Use half weight but water retaining soil.  Mix in 100’s of wildflower seeds, plant sedum leaving gaps for it to spread. Put more pebbles on top and drill a drainage hole which leads to a water butt.
Put a few logs on top for birds / insects as well as a bowl of water.
Depending on the rainfall levels in the early stages then drainage may be a problem, however this should be alleviated as the plants spread and grow.

The benefits are a roof which blends into the scenery behind it.

Additional wildlife benefits are to Ants, bees, butterflies and moths benefit from the flowers etc. Whilst underneath is a hedgehog house with a new resident.

Costs: Materials and labour = £700
Plants and soil etc = £50
Two friends did the build. I did the design and the planting

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