You Can Slow The Flow – Public meeting videos now live!

If you couldn’t make our public meeting about our ‘You Can Slow The Flow‘ urban SuDS project, there is now a chance to catch up!

Videos of the presentations are now live, at, and a clip of Stuart Bradshaw explaining the storm hydrograph can be found at

Please help us to share this information widely, the more people get involved and make small changes (whether your property floods or not!) the greater difference we can make to flood peak levels in Calderdale.

SuDS NFM principles Section Diagram

Hope to see you at our next public meeting on 27th June, where Calderdale Council’s new NFM officer, Rob Twiggs, will speak about his role and how he is supporting Natural Flood Management projects.

Amanda McDermott CMLI – Partnerships Officer at Slow The Flow Calderdale

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