Natural Flood Management Volunteer Days

See below dates for Natural Flood Management Volunteer activities in 2020. These are run by the National Trust and Slow the Flow at Hardcastle Crags

DateDelivered byActivity
12/01/2020NTTree planting
26/01/2020StFLeaky Dams
09/02/2020NTTree planting
23/02/2020StFLeaky Dams
08/03/2020NTTree planting
22/03/2020StFLeaky Dams
26/04/2020StFLeaky Dams
10/05/2020NTLeaky Dams
24/05/2020StFLeaky Dams
14/06/2020NTBalsam bashing
28/06/2020StFLeaky Dams
12/07/2020NTBalsam bashing
26/07/2020StFLeaky Dams
09/08/2020NTBalsam bashing
23/08/2020STFLeaky Dams
13/09/2020NTLeaky Dams
27/09/2020StfWoodland management
11/10/2020NTLeaky Dams
25/10/2020StfWoodland management
08/11/2020NTLeaky Dams
22/11/2020StFTree planting
13/12/2020NTLeaky Dams