CIRIA: The Natural Flood Management manual

If you’ve read Slow The Flow’s Introduction to Natural Flood Management, and You Can Slow The Flow SuDS pages, and want more detail… did you know that CIRIA has published an extensive guidance documents on both subjects?

You can download them for free at the following links…

NFM Manual Free Download

“Natural flood management (NFM) is a tool to help reduce flood risk. It complements other flood risk management approaches and involves working across the landscape to protect, restore or mimic the natural hydrological processes that occur. These include increasing infiltration of water, slowing the flow of water across the landscape, storing water and holding back sediment. Importantly, natural flood management can have a range of complementary, co-benefits such as habitat creation, carbon storage, water quality improvement and recreational and wellbeing benefits if delivered effectively and considered from the outset. These co-benefits can be maximised by working with others.”

SuDS Manual Free Download

“Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) can deliver a wide range of environmental benefits. The SuDS Manual contains guidance based on evidence for professionals working with drainage, to help them use SuDS.

The SuDS manual (C697), published in 2007, is highly regarded and considered one of CIRIA’s most influential areas of work. In recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of SuDS as well as increased knowledge and research, the SuDS manual has been updated to incorporate the latest technical advice and adaptable processes to assist in the planning, design, construction, management and maintenance of good SuDS.”