A Natural Flood Management Pilot Project at Hebden Water and Crimsworth Dean Beck, Hardcastle Crags, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Further to our meeting on Friday 22nd July 2016 concerning the above matter where I undertook to combine the separate reports for Hebden Water and Crimsworth Dean Beck, herewith please find the report attached with links to photographs and the Google Earth files embedded within both of the attached files.

I have included costs for river level monitoring and river modelling and I have removed the SuDS pilot and the proposal for full restoration of the Crimsworh Dean millponds, leaving in the run-off interception study.  There are further costs included at Section 7.0 which have been prepared by Craig Best at the National Trust, this relates to forest floor restoration and is intrinsically linked to NFM, hence its inclusion.  We have had a very considered look at attenuation volumes as I hope you will appreciate in the time and with the tools available to us.

A lot of unpaid effort has gone into this application so we as group all hope this proposal will be given serious consideration. Slow The Flow  StFC Pilot Project Grant Application Report, Rev.B. 12.11.16(2)

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