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We are reachable by email, twitter and facebook.   We also have a channel on youtube.

Do get in touch if you have any questions, would like to volunteer.

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" The latest The Natural flood management Daily! Thanks to @michellecron @poppelmargareta @SirGeogy #racism #journalism "
" HebWeb News 2019 - Slow the Flow project maps local activity to reduce flooding risk #suds "
" Our latest #SuDS and #nfm project now featuring on the excellent Hebweb. @CalderdaleFound @HebdenRoydTC @hebdenbridgeweb "
" RT @landscapestory: 'Slow the Flow have perfected an inclusive and welcoming message that brings volunteers along Sunday after Sunday to jo… "
" @Ange_K1 The purpose of this survey is to use the kinds of schemes in the report in any other area. It is an example of what most of us can do on our own land. Study the report and if you have any specific questions please come back to us. Good luck! "