Our next volunteer day is Sunday 12th November 2017 from 9.30am, to meet at the bottom car park at Hardcastle Crags.  

Please contact secretary@slowtheflow.net to book your place and to help us manage numbers of volunteers.

We will also be requiring lots of volunteers on the following dates; 18th November, 10th December and 16th December.

Dates for 2018 will be published soon.

After over a year in the planning, and with the recent grant made from The Calder Flood Partnership to The National Trust for work at Hardcastle Crags to 'Slow The Flow', volunteers have started work in the gullies leading into the river which flows into the River Calder.

New equipment has been bought, natural materials have been sourced and managed and volunteers have been recruited and trained to build leaky dams and for gully stuffing throughout the Crags.

To date, around 100 new volunteers have worked in this beautiful part of the Calder Valley and significant progress has been made in a number of gullies leading into the main channel in the Crags.

Volunteers ranging in age from 10 to over 70 have taken part. Work ranges from sawing timber, trimming brush, digging, and moving trunks into place to form leaky dams and to stuff gullies to encourage rain water onto the banks during heavy rainfall. The channels still work in normal flow but to try and reduce the amount of water making it into the main channels, the gully stuffing and leaky dams force the rain water over the banks and onto the slops.

This programme will continue throughout the summer in the Crags so if you want to get involved, email secretary@slowtheflow.net to book your place. We usually start at 9.30 am and finish by lunchtime, currently over weekends.

Work parties are also being arranged during the week so if your company or organisation would like to get involved, please email secreatery@slowtheflow.net to register with us. We already have 3 large organisations who will be working with us throughout the summer.

You will need to fairly fit although you will not be expected to carry heavy weights or work beyond your own limitations.  All we ask is that you have a desire to help 'Slow The Flow'. There are a range of tasks suitable for all ages as we have already demonstrated with our amazing volunteers who have helped to date.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON CHILDREN WHO WANT TO VOLUNTEER  -  children under 18 are VERY welcome to volunteer but they must be supervised by you at all times. Please be aware that there are chain saws in use (solely by fully trained personnel) and dangers associated with: mechanical and manual movement of very heavy logs; unsupervised saws and other blades laid on the ground; and axes and saws in full swing. It is possible to work in areas where some of these dangers are not present but they may be adjacent to areas where they are present.

Consultation open for public to have their say on flood risk work

An exhibition of plans to reduce flood risk in Hebden Bridge has been moved to other locations to give people time to have their say following its launch at a drop-in event last week.

The display, which includes architects drawings, photographs and an explanation of various options considered, will now move to Mytholmroyd Flood Centre with a smaller version remaining at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Staff will be on hand at Mytholmroyd Flood Information Centre to listen to any concerns and talk through the proposals for the town’s flood alleviation scheme, which will improve the protection for up to 500 homes and businesses. The centre which is located on the Community Centre car park is open Mondays and Fridays 10am-4pm and Wednesdays 1pm until 7pm.

The public consultation will be open for four weeks until Tuesday 25th July. Feedback from the consultation will be considered when finalising plans for the flood alleviation scheme.
The plans were launched at an event at Hebden Bridge Town Hall on Tuesday 27 June where representatives from Environment Agency and partners including Calderdale Council, Canal and Rivers Trust, Yorkshire Water, National Trust and Slow the Flow Calderdale, talked to over 100 visitors about what they are doing to reduce flood risk in the Calder Valley.

Environment Agency Flood Risk Manager Adrian Gill said: “We are really keen to get as much feedback as possible from local people on our proposals to help us deliver the best possible solutions for their community. If you would like to talk about flood protection or our plans then do drop into our local flood information centre.”
The plans will also be available online at http://eyeoncalderdale.com/hebden-bridge-flood-alleviation-…

If you have any questions or to give feedback you can email: hebdenbridgefas@environment-agency.gov.uk.



Visit our LINKS page for information on other NFM schemes around the country and further afield.  If you have an NFM scheme you would like us to publicise, please contact us with the details and links we can put on our website.


Our partners at THE SOURCE have a new Newsletter.  Read it here - source 2017 - spreads

 WHY DOES SLOWING THE FLOW WORK?  Watch THIS video for a simple explanation c/o our partners at The Environment Agency.

Leaky Woody Dams – what are the differences and what works best? Our latest blog HERE outlines the options we have at Hardcastle Crags and elsewhere in deciding the best type of method to Slow The Flow.

Our latest project to develop technology to monitor river levels in the Calder Catchment is now firmly under way.  We have a new Facebook page with lots of information on how you can get involved and what we plan to do.  Contact us HERE if you would like to know more or get involved.


A HUGE THANK YOU to Rotary  Club Of Hebden Bridge , Calderdale Council and Hebden Royd Town Council for supporting us with grant aid to continue our work in the Calder Valley.

 For up to date information about flooding, weather and traffic disruptions across Calderdale, visit Eye On Calderdale -